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Juvenile Crimes

In general terms, juvenile crimes refer to offenses committed by youth under the age of 18.

While Nevada law enforcement tends to address juvenile offenses using methods that stress education and rehabilitation over hard punishment, juveniles can still be convicted and sentenced to juvenile detention facilities for the crimes in question.

Nevada state law currently identifies the following crimes as examples of juvenile crimes.

juvenile arrest
juvenile about to commit assault

Common Juvenile Crimes

Nevada state law currently identifies the following crimes as examples of juvenile crimes:

• Disturbing the Peace
• Burglary, theft, and robbery
• Trespassing
• Drug Offenses
• Loitering


Serious Crimes

However, juveniles can also be charged with more serious crimes including murder and various sex crimes.

Additionally, the juvenile in question may be required to register as a criminal type for the rest of their life if convicted.

For example, a juvenile found guilty of certain sex crimes would be required by Nevada law to be placed on a state sex offender registry for the rest of their life.

Age does not necessarily offer a shield to protect a juvenile from the legal consequences of  their actions for a given offense.

In fact, age can be a factor that makes the crime worse.  For example, a juvenile accused of driving under the influence may face additional penalties for having consumed alcohol while being under the legal drinking age of 21. An adult with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of .08% is considered legally intoxicated while a juvenile’s BAC is reduced to .02%!

juvenile doing counselling

Status Offenses

A status offense is a noncriminal act that is considered a law violation only because of a youth’s status as a minor or juvenile.

In that scenario of the DUI the juvenile will face the consequences of  a status offense as well having committed the DUI in question and the violation of having consumed alcohol in the first place. 

Other examples of status offenses can include:

• Possession of tobacco products

• Possession of alcohol

• Violating any curfew hours

• Truancy -Skipping school  (or being out of school without permission or notification) 

Tried as an Adult

It’s possible for a juvenile to be tried as an adult under Nevada law. The courts can  consider several mitigating factors involved with the case including the severity of the offense, the level of violence, any prior criminal convictions on the record, and possible threat on public safety the juvenile might be.

Possible pathways to that action can include:

• Discretionary

The juvenile in question would have to be at least 14 years of age or older and the violation they stand accused of would be considered a felony if an adult had committed the same violation.

• Presumptive

The juvenile in question happens to be at least 16 years of age or older and the accused crime involved threats/usage of a firearm or involved sexual assault with the threat of violence by force.

• Direct file

The juvenile happens to be 16 years of age or older but also has previous felonies on their record, has been charged with threat/violence with firearms or sexual assault, or the accused intended to risk the harm or death of a person.

• Homicide or Murder

Applies to juveniles as young as 13 years of age.

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