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The 6th Amendment guarantees the right to an attorney. Every detail matters when your liberty is at stake – so choose your attorney wisely!

Not only do we have the knowledge and experience you need, but Jherna Shahani also promises four things: Loyalty, Skill, Personal Attention, and Care.

Jherna Shahani is a strong advocate for your best interest. She promises to be your champion in your absence while investigating the facts of your case, discussing possible negotiations with the prosecutor, or arguing before the judge. She is totally committed to your defense and will aggressively represent your interests. Jherna keeps your story and goals at heart and wants to help no matter the charge. She is prepared to stand up for your rights because she adheres to the concept that all people are entitled to the best legal representation. Your case becomes her case and she will fiercely fight to protect you.

Ms. Shahani keeps abreast of evolving laws in Nevada and regularly reviews recent court decisions. She has 9 years of experience, understands the legal system, and is a persuasive oral advocate. Jherna applies these skills by covering all angles of her cases through thorough investigation, research, and by critically analyzing and attacking the state’s evidence. She never waits until the last minute to learn the facts! Well before trial, sentencing, and even negotiations, Jherna develops persuasive theories of defense so that she can achieve the best possible outcome. Ms. Shahani learns about you and your story so that she is prepared to present mitigating circumstances at all stages of the proceedings.

Every detail matters when your liberty is at stake and that is why Jherna Shahani pays attention to those details. Personal attention includes keeping you actively involved in your defense and the progress of your case. Personal attention encompasses meeting with you, hearing your story, and being attentive to your needs. Your story is unique, and she knows that. At Your Defender at Law, you will have Jherna’s direct cell phone number because she strives to keep you informed. You will never have to deal with anyone else, just an attorney. Once your case becomes her case, you become a team fighting together.

You and your future matter. You deserve a dedicated attorney who is readily available. Jherna Shahani cares about her clients and will always be honest about the pros and cons of your case. She is an empathetic criminal defense attorney who is truly concerned about you. With her, you will experience compassion, support, understanding, and explanations. Jherna takes time to explain the process so that you are informed enough to make the best decision. Being charged with a crime is stressful but peace of mind is a choice. No matter the charge, choose Your Defender at Law for fierce protection today.

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You have the right to an attorney.

Choose Your Defender at Law if you want a skilled, loyal, criminal defense attorney who will give your case the attention it deserves. Contact us and get help immediately