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Domestic Violence with Strangulation

Battery Domestic Violence Involving Strangulation is a serious offense and is a felony.

What is Strangulation?

Nevada law defines strangulation as the intentional impeding of normal breathing or circulation of the blood by applying pressure on the throat or neck or by blocking the nose or mouth of a person in a manner that creates a risk of death or substantial bodily harm. NRS 200.481(1)(i).

In other words, strangulation is any sort of choking or other physical contact that disrupts breathing or circulation.

Shows someone attempting to strangle a woman
Domestic violence. Female hands choke a frightened man with a pillow


Domestic Violence with Strangulation is a Category C Felony punishable by:

  • 1 to 5 years in prison; and
  • A fine of up to $15,000


You can claim self-defense if you reasonably believed you were facing an urgent or pressing threat of bodily harm and used no more violence then necessary to protect yourself. When an allegation of strangulation is made, self-defense claims need to be handled carefully. Specifically, if you are claiming self-defense, you need to show that the strangulation was no more violent then necessary to prevent harm. Additionally, you must show you reasonably believed you needed to defend yourself from an urgent or pressing threat of bodily harm.

False Statements

If you did not commit a battery (strangulation or otherwise), but the alleged victim has made a false statement to the police, then clearly you are not guilty. A skilled attorney is necessary to show the court that the alleged victim was not honest with the police and that the victim’s testimony in court is false.

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