Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

Best Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas

When you have been accused a crime in Las Vegas, you want the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. Though to some degree the term “best” is subjective, we can agree that a combination of skill, loyalty, personal attention, and the ability to care for and about their clients would make a great lawyer. This would be the kind of lawyer you want in your time of need.


Above everything else, the best criminal defense attorney has to know what they’re doing.

It’s easy to find an accredited lawyer in Las Vegas, but finding one with the skills to 1) prepare your case, 2) properly define and execute your legal defense, and 3)have trial experience to present your defense clearly and convincingly to a judge and jury is critical.

To be the best, your lawyer needs these wield these skills expertly. Your future is in their hands.


Any good criminal defense attorney will understand the importance of loyalty between themselves and their clients. They must be invested in your innocence and have a sense of allegiance to you and your case.

For example, Jherna Shahani, one of the best criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas considers loyalty as a cornerstone to her practice. She is totally committed to your defense and will aggressively represent your interests.

You want this type of attorney whether you are Las Vegas or elsewhere in the US. Look for an attorney who is loyal to you and will do everything in their power to protect your rights and put on the best argument for your defense.

Personal Attention

Ms. Shahani also understands the importance of personal attention. Fighting criminal conviction is stressful and frightening. The last thing you want is a criminal defense attorney who does not have time for you. Mounting a good defense takes an understanding of the client and the details of the case. If your attorney doesn’t give you the personal attention you need it may be time to find a new criminal defense attorney.

Because a lack of personal attention can sometimes mean the difference between life and death in a criminal hearing, your attorney should care about supporting you with good communication and thoughtful consideration.


This one goes hand-in-hand with personal attention but dives a little deeper. You deserve a dedicated attorney who is readily available. For example, Las Vegas criminal defense lawyer, Jherna Shahani, cares about her clients and will always be honest about the pros and cons of your case. She is an empathetic criminal defense attorney who is truly concerned about you and your future. She takes time to explain the process so that you are informed enough to participate about decisions in your case.

She also cares about the details. Carelessness can cost the client dearly in a criminal trial. If your attorney neglects some aspect of the argument or acts disrespectfully or unprofessional to the Court, their that lack of care could mean a harsher sentence for the client.

If you are looking for the best criminal defense lawyer in Las Vegas, do consider Ms. Jherna Shahani. It could be one of the best decisions you make. Ready to learn more? Contact Shahani Law today at (702) 625-7551.

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