Courtroom Etiquette.

Courtroom Etiquette.

The way you look makes an impression on the judge. If you are out of custody, it is important to choose what you wear carefully. If you have been arrested for a drug charge, do not wear a shirt with a marijuana leaf. If you have been arrested for solicitation, then do not show up in a mini skirt and stilettos. Dress the way you would for church or a job interview. Do not wear shorts, hats, sandals, sunglasses, tank tops, or t-shirts with logos. If you are not properly dressed, the bailiff may not let you inside the courtroom.

Do not be late for court! If you are late to court then you may miss your hearing and the judge may issue a bench warrant.

Small children are not allowed in most courtrooms. Do not bring children to court unless you have no choice. If you have to bring them, it is advised to bring another adult with you who can sit in the hallway with the children during your hearing.

Do not talk to the prosecutor if you are represented by an attorney!

If you speak to the judge, always say “your honor” and never curse. Do not argue with or interrupt the judge. Everything that is said in court is recorded. Do not talk about your case with anyone except your attorney.

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