Las Vegas Criminal Court System

Las Vegas Criminal Court System

The Las Vegas criminal court system, like other major cities, can be overwhelming to anyone that doesn’t work as a legal professional. Las Vegas is located in Clark County. Clark County is the home of the Eighth Judicial District Court of Clark County.

The Eight Judicial District Court is the largest general jurisdiction court in Nevada. Its jurisdiction encompasses all municipalities and outlying communities of Clark County and serves over two million Nevada citizens..

The Court has 52 elected judges who preside over more than 90,000 criminal and civil cases over the course of an average year. It has three main locations: The Regional Justice Center at 200 Lewis Ave, Family Court House at 601 North Pecos Rd, Las Vegas and The Phoenix Building at 330 S. 3rd Street. 

Arrests and Holdings

Anyone arrested for a crime that was allegedly committed within the city of Las Vegas will most likely end up at the Clark County Detention Center, or the CDDC.

The CDDC, located in downtown Las Vegas at 330 South Casino Center Drive, houses individuals who have just been arrested, awaiting trial, or currently serving sentences for violating Nevada misdemeanor laws.

Depending on the crime in question, the individuals being held at the CDDC will be informed of their Miranda Rights, which include the right to an attorney and to have an attorney provided for them in the event they cannot afford one.

Legal Representations

If you have been charged with a crime, the criminal division will ensure you will be offered a public defender. However you may be better served by finding their own criminal defense attorney.

Clark County, like any judicial district in the United States, will not refer or recommend a specific attorney to anyone. While the court’s webpage does provide a link to the State Bar of Nevada’s website and the list of accredited legal professionals in the state, the County cannot make specific recommendations on who to hire. 

In civil matters, individuals do not get appointed a lawyer. They must hire their own. If an individual cannot afford a lawyer, the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada can provide direct representation to income-qualifying people in southern Nevada. Civil matters are things like Family Law such as divorce, small claims, protective orders, and landlord tenant disputes such as evictions.

Court Records

Anyone searching for records can check with the website for the Las Vegas Township Justice Court Records. You will need to know some details such as case number to bring up the record. You can also pay traffic citations and criminal fines on their site as well.

Need a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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