The Defenders – The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

The Defenders – The Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

What are the defenders?

“The defenders” is a powerful sounding phrase and if you have been accused of a crime, it can be the most reassuring term you want to hear. Your defender should be a top criminal defense attorney, but what does a criminal defense attorney do?

  • Research

A good criminal defense attorney will take the time to do their research so they can understand every aspect of a case. This includes research of case law of that crime and using it to help them with their criminal defense strategy. It can include conducting interviews with their client, any witnesses and reviewing findings of investigators. It may also include discussing the case with experts in the field to see if their research has bearing on the crime.

  • Negotiate

Most times, the accused wants to avoid a trial. A trial adds cost and is often very frightening to the accused. Ideally a criminal defense attorney will have the skills and experience to negotiate with the prosecution. A good defense attorney can show the prosecution that they do not have a strong case or that there are extenuating circumstances that warrant charges be dropped or penalties be mild. Deals can include reduced charges in exchange for specific pleas or actions by the accused.

If the prosecution will not cooperate in negotiating a fail deal, then going to trial may be the only option. But a strong negotiator can be the difference in getting the best and quickest outcome versus having to go to trial.

  • Court Representation

Criminal defense attorneys present your defense in court if you go to trial. They will call witnesses in your defense and prepare them for trial. They will cross-examine opposing witnesses to challenge the veracity of their statements and recall. They will question the validity of evidence and testimony of witness presenting such evidence.

Prior to trial, they will gather evidence in support of your defense, formulate a legal strategy, and find experts as needed to put on the stand. A good criminal defense attorney will also keep their client informed and do whatever they can to support and reassure their client. Good communication is key.

Legal Representation

Anyone arrested for a crime has the right to an attorney. Selecting a good criminal defense attorney though may take a little thought. If you can, hire your own personal criminal defense lawyer rather then take the free public defender. Whether innocent or guilty, do not talk with police or investigators without an attorney. Your attorney knows more than you what you can say and what you should avoid saying.

Your own attorney should have your best interests at the top of their list and will have a level of professionalism that will increase your confidence and peace of mind. There is too much at stake and you do want to choose wisely.

Do What’s Best

A good attorney should have the education and experience to handle your case. Though it may cost you money, your future is in the balance. Whether a minor infraction or a serious felony, you want the best defense possible. You want to choose legal representation can help ensure you are well represented and that you are comfortable with your decision.

Las Vegas criminal defense attorney Jherna Shahani looks at all aspects of your case from a creative perspective, not just the facts or the law. She is part of the elite class of attorneys who are the defenders. She will review every piece of evidence in your case to ensure that she knows your case in detail, is prepared to fight, and has considered all possible defenses. Need a top Las Vegas attorney for your defense? Contact Shahani Law today.

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