What is an arraignment?

Discusses what arraignment is.

What is an arraignment?

An arraignment is a hearing where the defendant is read the charges brought by the prosecution in accordance with the Sixth Amendment. This is usually when Your Defenders at Law criminal defense attorneys receive a copy of the criminal complaint and some of the discovery. Discovery is the evidence against you and includes, among other things, the arrest report, witness statements, lab reports, toxicology reports, photos, videos, taped interviews, body camera footage, dash cam footage, arrest warrant information, cell phone records, etc.

At arraignment, your initial plea is entered (guilty, no contest, not guilty) and arguments for bail or “own recognizance” (OR) release are made. Your criminal defense attorneys, Zachary Clayton and Jherna Shahani, will make arguments for lower bail and release from custody. Future court dates for either a status check on negotiations or a preliminary hearing are also scheduled at arraignment.

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